It Starts with Listening

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Robert Mihalik is a native New Yorker and an award-winning Landscape Architect. Leslie Newman is an Architect originally from the deep south but a diehard New Yorker at heart.

Bob and Les met in 1985 and discovered a shared passion for Design, Architecture, Fashion, Nature, Gardening and the Beach. Botanica was actually conceived on a beach on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico and launched in Chelsea, the heart of the New York Flower Market in February 1987.

We listen, we synthesize, we translate, we create.  

Each Client brings a unique set of parameters: branding, venue, budget, likes & dislikes. We succeed when the unique event we create is not only exactly what our client envisioned, but even more than ever imagined.


Robert Mihalik, Leslie Newman, Owners of Botanica Inc

“I love the innovative and creative way they work with both florals and architectural details.”


Aligator  Vase, Billy Bongs, White Amaryllis

Botanica believes the key to great design is collaboration built on great relationships. Many of our clients have trusted us from our inception and we will continue to strengthen those relationships while building new ones. We grow our passion by meeting new people, creating new experiences, discovering new venues and staying abreast of the current vibe while living, working and being inspired by the greatest city of the world, New York – and sharing this all with our clients.